About Us

About Us

My-E-Health® is an e-health platform where you as a customer receive professional help to prevent and treat both mental and physical illnesses. A proactive health platform that uses evidence-based tools to early identify symptoms of stress, lack of engagement, motivation, depression and risk for burnout. Every individual chooses their own health coach for a valuable continuity that creates trust. Easily accessible and regular counselling, treatment, and follow-ups. Everything is treated confidentially. Approved by the Swedish Social Insurance Agency as occupational health care.

Efficient method

Well-developed technique and ecosystem for identifying individuals, who for some reason, have started feeling unengaged. We coach them back to their full potential and counteract any possible slippery slopes they may encounter on their journey. We use validated and standardized assessments for measuring an individual’s level of engagement, risk for stress, burnout, anxiety and depression four times a year. This data is compiled, evaluated and validated by the individual together with their personally chosen health coach. This face-to-face feedback between the health coach and the individual improves self-awareness thereby forging a path to sustained wellness.

Health platform based on evidence

A digital platform to prevent, treat and follow up mental health. Based on cognitive behavioural therapy, developed in a research cooperation with the centre of research and development of Högkskolan Evidens (Evidens College) in Gothenburg and the University of Karlstad in Sweden. There are several self-help tools available 24/7. You take your assessments and receive your results and feedback online within our secure and encrypted ecosystem. Since we have an individual centric-based system, you choose when you would like to meet with your healthcare team by booking via their online calendars directly. Your health sessions are conducted within our interactive digital meeting-rooms.

What we offer

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