Why My-E-Health?

Mind, body, and soul are important to good health and mental wellbeing. This has quickly become a critical component within organisations and our modern and highly productive working lives. My-E-Health® offers the most proactive solutions in the market today and can provide you with full-service support in understanding your organisation. With an all-inclusive package of turnkey solutions, we will support your organisation in maintaining good psychosocial and wellbeing and reduce related stress and presenteeism. According to a CIPD report (2019) 80% of employees observed presenteeism within the workplace in the last 12 months. Skandia Insurance (2019) reported that 65% of sick leave is due to mental illness at work.

My-E-Health’s validated tools and methods are here to support you and your staff. We all know that Sweden is renowned for its empathetic leadership, safety and caring philosophy, and that’s why, My-E-Health is also certified by the Swedish National Social Insurance Agency as a company healthcare and rehabilitation provider in occupational health care.


What do we bring to the table?

My-E-Health® provides you with continuity in quarterly risk exposure reports and company wellbeing. These can be used in strategic planning, changes initiatives and as part of your board meetings. This includes a fast and measurable Return on Investment (ROI) calculations looking at company quarterly presenteeism figures, as well as, My-E-Health costs correlated with your wellbeing investment. We work with prevention and treatment. We work to solve the causes to the challenges.

A remarkable fact is that My-E-Health has never put an employee on sick-leave, and we have a zero-relapse rate for employees that faced a high risk of burnout, anxiety, and depression.

All in support of a sustainable and attractive workplace, we identify areas of conflict and measure the effects of the processes of changes. This allows us to adjust solutions to work at the individual level. An efficient all-inclusive solution that helps the organisation to function optimally. Naturally, all our products and services are customised to your companies needs and preferences.

How it works?

As the saying goes, “prevention is better than a cure”.  My-E-Health is less expensive and less time-consuming than any other retroactive method on the market and our ROI statistics proves this.

My-E-Health provides your company with a fully automated system of assessments and statistical reports concerning the health and wellbeing of your employees including demographic and department differences and deviations as well as trends and historical information. Your company status is dynamic and can therefore be available 24/7, moreover, you receive a detailed quarterly report from My-E-Health that can be used as a strategic management tool. My-E-Health has the most effective way for you to understand and strengthen the health and wellbeing of your employees, track change initiatives, and much more.

My-E-Health does the work so that you can make the decisions.