Care online with My-E-Health's digital platform

Do you want to make a difference?

At My-E-Health we work proactive with a method that early identifies causes and treats symptoms using scientifically proven tools based on mixed-methods CBT. Using a style that works for your patient, whether it is Gestalt, Psychodynamic, DBT, ACT, CBT, Positive Therapy or a mixture of all). Online counselling is an effective form of treatment which makes healthcare more accessible to your customers. My-E-Health works primarily with preventing mental illness and rehabilitation, but mind, body & soul are very important and physician services are provided as well.

My-E-Health offers a digitally interactive platform with many tools where you as a healthcare provider can use our advanced ecosystem to provide excellent care, continuity and trust, and to treat and monitor your customers mental health and wellbeing.

Professional and flexible

We are always looking for experienced and driven health coaches, psychologists, psychotherapists, and physicians (all specialties) who would like to join our network of caregivers.

If you are a healthcare provider at My-E-Health, you can choose how much and where you want to work. We provide a digital ecosystem where you and your customers communicate through interactive and dynamic video consultation platform, a common desktop, journal, and several advanced analytical tools.

A unique platform

As a healthcare professional you’ll have access to a fully integrated Cognitive Behavioural Therapy platform with several proven psychometrics that you can easily use and focus on your customers health and well-being and thereby strengthening their ability to solve problems and coach them to their greatest potential. A digital platform to prevent, treat and follow up mental health. All stages of the assessments are done on the platform. All the bookings with the health team are made direct online in the calendar.

If health and wellbeing is your mission!

 Come and help us in keeping our customers healthy & happy.

Afterall, prevention is always better than the cure.