"Mental health can be trained"

- Clive Michelsen, founder of My-E-Health AB

It's all about you

My-E-Health is an e-health platform where you as a customer receive professional help to prevent and treat both mental and physical illnesses. The online assessments are about you, your thoughts, your feelings, your beliefs and your well-being. All personal data is kept strictly confidential. There are several self-help tools that are available 24/7.  

You do your assessments and receive your results in the platform, you also do your bookings with the health team direct online in the calendar.  A unique digital meeting- room makes full interaction between the customer and the health coach possible.

What we provide

Convenient, affordable, private online counselling. Accessible anytime, anywhere with direct access to your caregiver’s booking calendar. Your health coach is available for you when you need that extra help to see your issues clearly and find a good path to handle them. We do not only treat the symptoms but also find the causes. You can choose your own health coach for a valuable continuity that creates trust. All health coaches are licensed and accredited by My-E-Health and continuously trained to uphold our high standards. A healthy mind, body & soul are important to us. Your sustainable health is correlated to your self-awareness and personal engagement. Together your My-E-Health coach will be there and guide you throughout your well-being journey. This in turn will lead to both personal growth and inner success.

How it works

Depending upon your contract, assessments and coaching are usually done four-times a year to incorporate seasonal changes and frequent enough to create continuity, continuity in care and trust. If your assessments indicate changes from your mean wellness, frustration or stress, My-E-Health will help you to identify them and assist you in finding the right coping-skills to neutralise them as soon as possible, and before they become symptomatic ones. When you need someone to talk to your counsellor is only a click away. You may be eligible for a remittance to a set of support sessions with other caregivers too, this is handled online together with health coaches.